About Old Reviews

Between 1995–2017, Peter Veugelaers reviewed films regularly as well as music on occasion. This blog presents the lot, all copyrighted to Peter Veugelaers, reviewer and contributor/writer.

I, Peter, watched the likes of “Mute Witness”, and “A Civil Action”, as well as “a Bug’s Life”, in other words, from something a little graphic when watching with friends, to something middle of the road and mild when watching alone or with family. But I am not the kind of person who is one way with my mates and one way with my family. The films I watched with my mates were usually their choices. I just went along and sometimes I liked one or two of them, at the time.

So, onto the film reviews. Here you’ll find reviews of arthouse films, mainstream films, classics, reviews of movies between 1995-2016, and retro reviews, as well as Christian perspectives where I did that. A Christian perspective can be moral, ideological, spiritual, or theological. Sometimes, I expressed this quite straight forwardly, rather than eloquently. I hope you enjoy my older reviews. For reading ease, please note that I have edited some of these reviews where better clarity is required.

Category definitions:

1995–2017 – Old published reviews of movies released between 1995 and 2017.

Critical filter: These films made me take a critical eye.

Main idea: Basically, the review follows a train of thought in regards to the ‘main idea’ of the film, with other points here and there.

Retro: Published reviews of movies released before 1995.

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